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who we are

Global pioneers group is a dedicated team of staffs who provides maximum customer and clients satisfaction through the provision of affordable and unique services and solutions. Our team do not just have experience in the services we provides, we take great pride in the level of achievement in business we have developed over the years till now. Attention to details, trust and prise and cost affordablitly and the negotiation power we give to our clients and customers has also contributed to a high percentage growth in Global Pioneers Group business. We have extra special services which we add freely onto our services to our clients when its needed in some circumstances. What we promise to our clients total satisfaction and trust. Why do we do this? We believe that business is not just business. Business is personal and we value the respect and the trust Relationship between our clients customers and us.


Leading global supplier of innovative, sustainable and industrial shipping, Travel and Tour, Air Cargo, Car shipping and Logistics solutions.


To create value for our customers and other stakeholders by being a sustainable company across the globe

Our Team

Mr Stanley Tsum

Founder / CEO

I am confident that with the right attitude, solid business structure and maintaining the fabulous Navantrics team. I can suddenly expect and look forward to a fantastic and successful near future.

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